True Lies

Next episode 5x19 "Man on Fire" airs on Thursday April 24, 2014.

4x07 + 5x18. 

This parallel came to my mind because of Caroline’s expression and how they are almost identical. I feel like the more time she spends with Enzo the more she sees/reminded of Klaus. Maybe, I’m just missing them too much but i can’t help it. Oh how the bad guys open up to her and she’s just speechless but understanding. #i’m not crying, you’re crying. 


   Good morning...
Stetherine | Delena parallel


i bet when paul has kids they’re gonna ask him “weren’t you in that tv show the vampire diaries” and he’s gonna act like he wasn’t


4x22 / 5x18

innuendos on Damon and Elena having loud sex

"Damon, look at me. The Universe doesn’t control a n y t h i n g”


Delena 3x02 \ 5x06